Polymer and Flocculant Products

Our BASF Zetag and Magnafloc polymer products (formerly Ciba) are used extensively in the water treatment and wastewater treatment industries for solids separation. We offer a complete line of non-ionic, cationic and anionic polymers to treat all types of waters and wastewater streams. Our product includes:

  • Liquid Polyacrylamide Emulsions:
    • Zetag 7800 series
    • Zetag 8800 series
  • Dry Polyacrylamides:
    • Zetag 7500 Series
    • Zetag 8100 Series
  • NSF Potable Products:
    • Magnafloc LT Series (Dry and Liquid)

Industry Expertise in Solid/Liquid Separation

Locally – We offer local engineering system evaluations and jar testing analysis at no cost.
BASF Water Solutions – We utilize our vast network of BASF personnel and Authorized Distributors throughout North America to provide you with answers to your solids/water separation needs.

Typical Flocculant and Polymer Applications

Our products are used extensively in:

  • Sludge Dewatering (Filter Presses, Centrifuges, Screw Presses, Rotary Presses, Gravity Bags)
  • Thickening (DAFT’s, Rotary Screen and Gravity Belt Thickeners, Digesters)
  • Clarification (Primary and Secondary Clarifiers, Inclined Plate Settlers, Sedimentation, Recycle Water)
  • Filters (Effluent Filters, Gravity Filters)
  • Food Industry GRAS polymers