Potable Water

Coagulants, Coagulant Aids and Aluminum Blends

We offer a complete line of cationic coagulants, including BASF Magnasol and specialty KubWater (KWR) polymer blends. Our products include:

  • Polyamines and Poly DADMACs
    • Magnafloc LT 7900 series
  • Inorganics and Inorganic Blends
    • Magnasol series
    • KubWater KWR Series

Industry Expertise in Clarification and Color/Solids Removal

Locally – We offer local engineering system evaluations and jar testing analysis at no cost.
BASF Water Solutions – We utilize our vast network of BASF personnel and Authorized Distributors throughout North America to provide you with answers to your solids/water separation needs.

Typical Coagulant and Polymer Applications

  • NSF Potable Water Treatment
  • Effluent Filtration
  • Color Removal
  • Fluoride and Metals Removal
  • Sand and Gravel Tailings Treatment